Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Journey of Hope in America: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama

I'm honored that my quilt "Everybody's All American" (shown below in the blog) is being featured in Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi's book "The Journey of Hope in America: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama. This long anticipated book is now being published by Voyeguer Press and will be released late April.  Sherry Shine's Obama quilt "Fearless" graces the cover at the right.  How exciting!  As always Living Creatively, Sandra

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guitarist Extraordinaire - Jesse Johnson

YES! I'm on vacation this week and already at play.  I've started two different projects. The first is painting the face of Geronimo on the quilt top and auditioning colors and other embellishments for his garment. I just love this phase of the quilt making process.  It allows me to imagine how the finished artpiece will possibly turn out: i.e will it be dramatic or whimsical? Shall I make it one dimentional or have an object jumping off the quilt for effect? Sometimes I never know until the quilt is almost finished.   The second project will be a journal quilt of my friend Toni's kitty that past away several months ago. I'm gonna call that one "Hey kitty, kitty".  I'm so enjoying this time off to do nothing but read and create. 

Well I finally finished the rock star project.  I decided to name it "Guitarist Extraordinaire - Jesse Johnson".  This fiber piece is a tribute to Jesse and his music.  He's come a long way since since his stint with the R & B Group "The Time".  My friend is his close friend and manager.  We'll be presenting the quilt to him this week.  I hope he likes it. Well, I gotta get back to work.  Living creatively, Santeena  

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OKAY... I've found my inspiration (my secret) and have begun to create a series of portraits featuring faces of American Indians.  My first will be of the famous Indian Chief Geronimo.  This piece will be a faced forward (see his likeness) quilted portrait,  embellished with beautiful colorful threads, traditional feathers and beads.  I have such a profound love for expressive faces; ones that tell tremendous stories of varied experiences.  That is definitely found in the faces of our American Indian culture.  I'm currently studying my subject and reading a little more of history so I can be sure to capture and express his essence.  Would love for you to follow my journey with this series. Living creatively, Sandra

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seasons change

It's so amazing to me how time now flies. It's already fall, soon to be winter in 2009.  As the seasons change so does my mood for creativity. It's weird. I do my best work (having a creative edge) in the warmer months of the year.  It's a fact that during the spring and summer the days are longer. With the sunshine, my subject ideas are plentiful.  At the current time (early December) I'm so busy at my day job;and then working on building a new website during the evening that I'm exhausted at the end of the day and too pooped to produce art. So sad! I've been stuck on a couple projects for the past month and I got to get them finished and to their venues.  My goal is that at the first of the year to get going with a "head" series i.e art featuring catchy portrait /cartoon themes featuring a head and other inanimate objects, i.e "head of lettuce, egg head, etc.". I'll keep you posted on my progress. Living creatively, Sandra

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SAQA Visioning Project

I'm privileged to be involved in several dynamic professional creative organizations.  One that has international recognition; Studio Art Quilts Association (SAQA) has an over aboundance of members that are very talented quilt artists.  The group's current president Lisa Chipentine is one of those truly talented creative types.  Not only is her art work stunning, but she also has great insight to know the importance of giving back to the artistic community; to help follow artist who are up and coming with creating their own vision of how we want our art to evolve.  Her pet project available to SAQA members is the Visioning Project.  Through this year long program, quilt artist are encouraged to use many tools via the SAQA web to realize their goals.  I just signed up and I'm truly proud to be apart of this program.  My goal is to have my artwork be very recognizable in the fiber arts community.  That means developing a signature style; sticking with it and contineously enhancing it.  I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.  Living Creatively, Sandra  

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I find inspiration for my work from many different sources. Because musicians are also creative types; making wonderful music to listen to while i'm creating, I often find them to be facinating subjects for my art.  I'm currently working on a piece of R & B master guitarist Jesse Johnson formally of the group "The Time". I'm quite proud of this fiber art piece; especially my interpretation of one of his beautiful guitars; a pink hand painted face embellished with large shelled pearl beads with metallic silver thread guitar strings. It's stunning.  Jesse's new CD "Verbal Penetration" is a smooth blend of fresh, clever tunes coupled with a hint of the funk from his stint with The Time.  Many times when an artist releases a new album/CD, there maybe one or two hits that are fan favorites and the rest of the CD is something forgetable. Not the case with Jesse's Verbal Penetration. I've been singing his praises since the CD dropped (see cover above) on October 27th, encouraging everyone i speak to to buy the entire CD.  You will not be disappointed.  I'll have the privilege of presenting the finished quilt to Jesse when finished.  Before I publish a picture of this work, I want him to see it first.  I can say that I'm very proud of it so far. Living Creatively, Sandra

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Now that's a hat!" Interpretations in Black & White

Quilt Visions is one of the wonderful local groups that I belong to. QV has an upcoming small quilt exhibit this winter called Interpretations 2009.  It's unique because each member is required to submit a 12" x 12" black and white piece.  This work must use only black and white colors; gray can also be used.  When I saw the size, I thought cool, although I'm extremely busy,  I can put something together to meet the deadline.  So, I came up with a b/w Drunkard's Path block featuring another portrait piece with an b/w ink painted rendition of women wearing a crazy pillbox sequined hat top with a gray feather and veil.  I call it " Now that's a hat".  I just love, love, love the small quilts size.  It takes me more time to visualize and plan, than to make the actual 12" squared quilt.  Check it out.   Living Creatively, Sandra    

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quilt shop to re-open in Lake Forrest

One Friday evening several months ago, I was so jazzed that I had finished my daytime gig's work and was in the vicinity of one of my favorite quilt shops; Material Possession in Lake Forrest, California. Oh joy!  I was going to drop in and see what's new.  Well, when I arrived, I was shock to see that MP had closed their business.  Oh NO! In this struggling economy, unfortunately many businesses including our beloved quilt shops have been forced to close and Material Possesions was the latest casualty.  I was so bummed out.  As I was leaving, another car drove up and took a look.  I went over to tell the lady that the shop was closed.  She introduced herself as Charmaine, a local resident who already knew the shop was closed, but was just checking to see if it had re-openned.  She knew of news that the shop was to possibly re-open with a former staff person's management.  To make this long story short; cuz I'm even boring myself :), we exchanged information with the promise of updates on the shop's status.  Great news!  I got an email from Charmaine saying that Material Possessions will in fact re-open November 7th, under the new name "Sacred Moondance Creative Sewing Center".  I'm now doing my happy dance again under the sacred moon!  Until next time, Living Artfully, Sandra   

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Textures Opening - Huge Hit

Friday evening, October 2nd our local group; Textures Fiber Arts had it's opening reception for our 3rd annual quilt exhibit at the Merc in Temecula, CA.  It was a huge hit.  Our group of 17 quilters all have big talent with a wide variety of quilting styles. Today, I'm working on two pieces; "Bad hair day into night" a play on featuring my hair stylist Michelle as the mythological character Medusa (see right).  I hope to finally finish this piece so that I can show it formally.  The second piece, my ink and thread painted quilted rendition of the legendary guitarist for the group "The Time" Jesse Johnson will be one that I hope to unvail at the end of the month.  We'll keep you posted on my developments

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Texture's Fiber Arts at the Merc in Temecula

One of the local Fiber Arts groups that I belong to is having their annual Fiber Arts Exhibit beginning Friday, October 2nd and continuing until Sunday, November 29th at the Gallery at the Merc in Downtown Temecula. Our opening reception launching this fabulous exhibit will be on October 2nd from 5:30 to 7pm. Complimentary refreshments will be served. We'll have the works of 16 very talented art quilters there for you to enjoy. "My Fast Friends" quilt featured below will be part of this showing. Try to make it if you can, it's a must see! Gallery at the Merc - 42071 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590 - For more info call (951) 694-6480.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Burning the candle at both ends

Time to slow down for a bit. I'm truly burning the candle at both ends with my very involved daytime career as a business consultant and at night with creating art. I enjoy both, but clearly my passion is with my art heads down. When I'm in my studio, time just seems to fly by as I'm entwined in a potpourri of fabric and thread colors. I did however, gave my sewing machine a rest this weekend as painting on fabric was the name of the game. I'm working on piece for a traveling show with an archaeology theme. I'm calling it "AC-DC' or Antony and Cleopatra Dis Covered! Anyone that knows me already knows about my fascination with the Egyptian Queen. Tony and Cleo's possible burial plot discovery in the north coast of Egypt made the news this past April. Archaeologists are still carefully digging to see if their hunch that this is indeed the famous couple is right. We'll see. I'm taking the night off. I need the rest. Those wonderful paints, fabrics and threads are going to have to wait for another color infusion opportunity. I'm pooped, but
still Living Creatively, Sandra

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great News - Obama Quilt to be featured in book

I just got the wonderful news that my Obama tribute quilt "Everybody's All American" will in fact be featured in Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi's upcoming book. I'm honored and privileged to be a part of her latest project. Dr. Mazloomi is one of the forerunners experts in African American quilting. Speaking with her is so inspiring. She has high energy combined with a spectacular background in quilting and fiber arts in general. I'm so jazzed. One of the ink painted panels is featured just right. Scroll down to view the entire quilt below. Living Creatively, Sandra

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been busy...

Having time to create is always a challenge when working full time. I'd planned all weekend doing the creative thing and I'm track to do just that. I completed a quick water color sketch to put on paper my visualization of "AC - DC" Antony & Cleopatra DisCovered! As you can see, my idea is a little elaborate. It has the Egyptian Queen and her guy emerging in full regalia from the ruins of a new excavation. This scene will eventually evolve into an 28" x 38" portrait orientation using fabric paints, cording, scrim, Egyptian trinkets, on cotton, organza and tulle fabrics. I hope to have the painting part completed next week ready for quilting soon. Wish me luck!

My other projects "Fast Friends" is coming along nicely. Last evening I was able to start the thread painting process on one of the faces. I hope to have pictures of this finished quilt soon. Until next time.
Living Creatively, Sandra

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm back from IQF - Long Beach inspired with many new ideas and materials to incorporate into my two pending art projects. One of the projects with an archeology theme is a quilt for a Quilts on the Wall travelling exhibit. I aptly named this piece "AC-DC" or "Antony and Cleopatra discovered carefully". My challenge is to come up with vertical quilt orientation with an archeology theme. Since the possible unearthing of the burial site of Antony and Cleopatra is currently in the works in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, I thought this would be a perfect time to capitalize on my fascination of Cleopatra by highlighting this event. My plan is to have her sitting on her throne with Antony looking over her shoulder in the Valley of the Kings while real life archaeologist are digging around them in the foreground. At the IQF festival there were many vendors to choose nice little Egyptian trinkets from. I was able to pick up some of these trinkets and also abacus paper and matching cording shown in the attached photo for this 28" x 38" quilt. I want to try to keep the background mono-chromatic in beige's, light browns and sepia colors. I also plan to play with papyrus paper, tea dyed organza and scrim to use in the piece. I'm starting this long overdue project this weekend. I can't wait!

Living Creatively,

Sandra aka Santeena

Friday, July 3, 2009

Detours Exhibit at IQF Long Beach - Check it out!

I belong to several Fiber Arts and Quilt clubs with many talented members. One in particular that has a wide variety of gifted artist is "Quilts on the Wall" located here in Southern California. This group is very unique in that members live as far south as San Diego and to ways of north Santa Barbara. Much of the work of the QOTW members is extraordinary. I'm proud to promote QOTW's participation in a Fiber Arts exhibit named "Detours" at the Long Beach International Quilt Fest from July 24th to July 26th. Clever interpretations of the detour theme are featured by Madeline Bajacharya, Mia Bloom, Cynthia Catlin, Maureen Whalen Cole, Cindy Cooksey, Joanell Connelly, Jo P. Griffin, Rose Hughes, Stacey Hurt, Jeanette Kelly, Mary Beth Kile, Catherine Ravera, Suanne Summers, Mary Tabar, Susan Trindle and Susan Willen. If you have the chance check out this wonderful showing. IQF at the Long Beach Convention Center at 300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802. Be sure to check us out,
Living Creatively,
Sandra "aka" Santeena

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bad Hair Day into Night

I'm so scattered...I have about five projects going on at one time with deadlines fast approaching on a couple of them. OMG! I vowed that this weekend I would "get it together" and be on track with completing and submitting at least the two due first, however that's not going to happen. Unfortunately, I got an eye infection and had to go to the doctor today to see what the heck is going on with my left eye. The good news is that the doc thinks it's not pink eye as I suspected, but allergy related. Running to take care of this medical issue, took away more time away that I had to planned to work in my studio. As I passed the entry way of my studio door before entering the laundry room and then the garage, I glanced in my creative space and saw those UFO's in various stages of production in the room. One of those UFO's that I'm particularly amused with is a likeness of my hair stylist Michelle as the mythological Medusa. This fiber piece is hilarious to me because of it's irony; my fabulous hair stylist having a bad hair day. Who knew? I've started this portrait of her with strips of fabric and couched ribbons to serve as the snakes as Medusa has in her hair. I'm painting the faces of the snakes to apply hopefully tomorrow. Maybe I can start the quilting also tomorrow. We'll see.

We've all had bad hair days, that sometime morph into the night. When we have those days we quickly make an appointment and run, not walk to our hair dresser. My stylist Michelle is relocating to Atlanta. She's been a true "Miracle Worker" whipping my old tired do into shape on more than one occasion. I will miss Michelle, such a professional who was great at healing my unruly hair. I feel better now; back to work tomorrow morning.

Living Creatively,

Sandra aka Santeena

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sneak Peak - Santeena's Web link

I've been busy......The demand of maintaining a full time business consultant job and part time art career is taxing. On top of juggling both the day and night gigs, I've been slowly working on my new baby, Studio Santeena's website. Using Vista Prints to power, I'm doing the first past on the site's creative piece myself. It's a daunting task and believe me I've learned so much as I worked countless hours tweaking this puppy. My goal is to have the site ready to roll out and market by July 24th, the first day of the IQF at the Long Beach Convention Center. And yes, this girl is on her game. Got the website intro postcards on deck for mailings and business cards handy for handing out. I'm affliated with several fiber art groups. I plan to work both the SAQA and the Quilts on the Wall booths at the conference to catch up with follow artist and do a little networking. REMEMBER, I'm still tweaking; adding more art quilts, etc., but you can get a sneak peak of the work in progress by checking out the site's banner attached and also at the actual site on this posted link or my visiting:


Sandra aka Santeena

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shaunna's Big Day

My beautiful niece Shaunna graduated from high school this past Friday afternoon. I'm so proud of Shaunna and her many accomplishments. She, as well as my other niece and nephews are often the subjects of many portrait quilts and paintings I've done. Since "Ms Shaunna" is a such a "fashionista", I thought she would appreciate a specially designed denim jacket featuring a quilted photo of herself predominantly featured on the back. I was right, she loved it! It's a thread painted ink painted image of Shaunna. Her hais is felted with alpaca fibers. Here's a quick photo of Shaunna posing with her quilted jacket as well as a close-up of it just below. Check them out! Living creatively, Santeena

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Big Dig for Anthony and Cleopatra

One of the quilt groups that I belong to, "Quilts on the Wall" has a September Challenge - Archaeology, "The Big Dig". Well I've just decided that my theme for this challenge will be "The Big Dig for Anthony and Cleopatra". On April 19, 2009 near the Taposiris Magna temple in Egypt, what is thought to be the burial site for the doomed couple was uncovered among ten noble tombs found near the temple. Dating back to about 30 B.C., Cleopatra and Mark Antony are believed to have committed suicide after being defeated by Roman military leader Octavian in a battle for the Roman Empire. I've always been captivated by Egyptian history, so now is my opportunity to get inspiration from this recent discovery and really come up with something magnificent. I will depict some painted rendition of the dig referencing to the couple and of course it will be thread painted to death. I can't wait to see how this develops! Check out this photo of a caravan of cars driving away from the site taken from one of my favorite magazines National Geographic.

Living Creatively,


Monday, April 27, 2009

Athena versus Medusa

I have two smaller projects that I've began work on: One is a smaller UFO quilt that I started several years ago as part of Jane La Fazio's small quilt class. This project has for us to create an image on a canvas type material and then embellish it with threads, beads, buttons and other found objects. Well as you can see here to the right, I decided to use two images of lucious tomatoes, one red and ripe and another not so ripe that is green. I reversed their backgrounds with water color application of the opposite color. The other project will be a bit more controversial. My hair stylist Michelle has gorgeous big hazel eyes. I thought it would be fun to take her promotional picture, paint it with ink, then deliver two distinct images of Michelle, one good and the other evil and then quilt and embellish with all fun stuff like felt, cording, beads, etc. With Michelle's permission I got to work. To the left is the initial image of Michelle that I've started with, just her face on cloth. The plan is to then to create Michelle in two versions of the mythical goddesses; one as Athena, whose beauty was legendary and the other as Medusa who also beautiful but was terribly jealous of Athena. These two didn't always get along. According to the myth, they had a tremendous fight and Athena turned Medusa into an evil creature with her hair crowned with snakes. The image of Medusa with her mouth wide open with hair as snakes is commonly depicted in works of art and comic books. I can't wait to see the contrast of the two in my quilted fantasy. I plan to feature both on one single quilt with a clever name. Stay tuned! Living creatively, Santeena...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pas de Deux - Fini

Pas de Deux is finally finished... Whew! When Textures Fiber Arts, my local quilt group decided that they were going to participate in an Spring exhibit with the theme "Inspirations of Nature", I immediately knew what photo would be my inspiration: Mike Maples wonderful shot of two Cecropia moths mating on a branch from a tree in his back yard in Tennesee. I began this project almost two months ago hand painting the scene from the photo, then thread painting the moths and parts of the background on the weekends only. Embellishments include various beads and glitter on the wings. I'm pretty proud of the results. Take a look at a detailed shot of the thread painted wing of one of the moths. It's magnifique!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pas de Deux

One of my favorite magazines is "Nature's Best Photography". This magazine features wonderful still photography mostly of spectacular outdoor scenes that are captured in split seconds. The Spring 2007 issue had a spread on a backyard photo contest called "Small World Wonders". One of the photographers featured was Mike Maples of Tullahoma, Tenessee who submitted a beautiful shot of two rare Cecropia Moths mating spotted in his backyard. Well, I love this unique photo and how it features details of each moth. Equally impressive is the greenery of the leaves combined with the brown limbs where the moths perch while mating, spectacular! "Pas de Deux" is my interpretation of this photo. The french name literally means a "dance for two". When I look at this photo, it certainly says to me that the two moths are dancing. In my interpretation of the piece, I've painted the scene as photographed and then thread painted the moths with exaggerated colors, including gold glitter on the wings. The wings will then be embellishments with various colored beads. I'm still working on the piece for local exhibit. I hope to have it quilted and finished this weekend. Isn't it romantic? Living Creatively, Sandra

Friday, March 13, 2009

Moving up to the Big Leagues

I'm no different than any other artist. We're constantly looking for new interesting art subjects and then translating those images into works of art for display hopefully in galleries; on our websites, shows, etc. I enjoy every stage of the creative process from first sourcing subject, then painting, piecing, quilting and the finish. Last but certainly not least is the photographing of my pieces. for publication. I've had and enjoyed several very capable point and shoot digital cameras. However, I recently moved up to the big leagues with the purchase of my first Digital SLR camera, a Canon EEOS Rebel 1000D. I'm not sure what the letters and numbers mean on this model; I just know that for a SLR is a good starter camera. I'm elated with this purchase! I plan on taking fabulous scenic shots during daily travels for painting later. Stopping at parks and beaches will probably be a regular thing for me in the next few weeks. Wish me luck with this new aspect to my creative quest!

Living Artfully,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Creative Entrepreneur

I'm a bookstore browser. I love, love, love to go to bookstores, pick up design or photography books and/or magazines, and then get lost into my creative process. Inspiration for future artwork comes from many places. Images from books and magazines are probably at the top of the list. Just this week I found a wonderful DIY Visual Guidebook for making business concepts real in the art section of Barnes and Noble. "The Creative Entrepreneur" by Lisa Sonora Bean is the perfect book for us right brain types to harness our creative ideas and package them in a neat business plan, and then moving forward with those ideas for profits. Since we all have such passion for our artwork, It should be natural for us to believe our talents should translate into a profit center...we don't always think that way though. But why not? Weren't we always taught to do what we love? Isn't it a wonderful thing to be rewarded for our creatve journey? A book of this type is right up my alley especially since I'm both a business consultant during the daytime and the artist (my true self) at night. "The Creative Entrepreneur"...It's great. Click at the title above and check out the website. Enjoy
Living Creatively,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Aliance for American Quilts - Save our Stories (Click to link)

I'm so jazzed! My Obama Quilt "Everybody's All American" was featured along with an interview of moi in the "Save our Stories" article through the Alliance for American Quilts". What an honor! The quilt featured in it's entirety just below was one of 35 in the collection of quilts that featured our new prez.. Attached to the right is a close up of the quilt's last panel upper right featuring the first family. First daughter Sasha Obama's hair is adorned with a little green ribbon to match her pinafore dress. The interviewer and I marveled over how Barack Obama has inspired so much works of art. I'm certain in the future I'll do another piece with either one of his quotes or his great accomplishments...
Tomorrow, another subject... A beautiful landscape of snow covered mountain. Stay tuned... Living Creatively, Sandra

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Santeena in the flesh

It's my recollection, that alter-ego Santeena has never been featured as a picture in my blog. As my friends and family know, Santeena the doll was the first art piece that I submitted for publication back in 2005 through Quilting Arts Magazine. Although Santeena didn't make the highlighted section in the Fantasy Guardian Angel article, she was featured in the group photo. This was probably my proudest moment as an artist. At that moment, I knew that my long dormant passion for arts and crafts was then reignited and I was on my way to creating for the rest of my life. Since making this doll for fun back in 2005, I've taken a couple of art doll classes which were really enjoyable. However, it's fiber arts, in particular art quilts that I'm most facinated with. Journal art quilts (8.5" x 11") are quick and fun and my favorite. My creative process begins with visions of color; then an image or subject. I ask myself, what is it going to be? A landscape or portrait? An abstract or something more true to life? Where ever my imagination takes me, It thrilling to me to see how each art piece evolves and it's final completion. Each hobby becomes a passion when the creative mind is unleashed and the artist starts to soar. I believe that I've donned Santeena's wings and have started to soar. I'm really enjoying my craft. Well ta ta for know... Living Creatively, Sandra

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama Presidential Quilt - A huge hit!

"Every body's all American" made it's debut at an inauguration party on January 24th. It was a huge hit!. I decided to go ahead and display the 24 " x 36" quilt despite it's not quite finished. It's 95% complete. The binding needs final tack down on the rear side and the workmanship needs tweaking, then it's good to go!

As I'm getting out there and displaying my works, I'm learning to accept the praise; of course thanking the observer with a smile. It's interesting how it's easier to accept that your work is viewed as not impressive; i.e. criticism over praise. Constructive criticism can be helpful if not malicious; but taking in and then processing praise from others is the ultimate high! I've attached one of the last panel's of the quilt; one of an Obama's supporter with her heart-shaped Obama glasses whimsically displayed on a fence-rail quilt block. How fun! As always, living creatively, Sandra.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A tribute to the new president

Today, January 20, 2009 was a spectacular day! A new chapter was curved out in American History with the inauguration of President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, our country's first African-American President. I arranged to have the day off from work to be able to watch the inauguration festivities uninterrupted. I didn't want to miss a thing. Because of all the excitement of the day; I was inspired to create, so I multi-tasked while watching America’s change of power. My sewing machine was humming as I did the last piecing and then quilting of my artistic tribute to President Obama; the "Everybody's All American" quilt. Featured below is the entire quilt three-quarters complete. Here's a close up of one of the panels of the quilt; a portrait of the new leader of the free world smiling intently. For the first time in history, two million people of all ages, races and religions braved the cold temperatures to be present at the capital's quad to view Obama's swearing in ceremony. President Obama is truly a leader for every person. It was a joy for me to be able to pay tribute to him in ink and cloth. Beads, hand stitching and binding will be done to complete this quilt for it's unveiling this weekend at inauguration party. I'm so proud of our new President As always, Living creatively, Sandra

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Asian Beauty

My mind is swirling with many ideas about the Obama Inauguration quilt. I haven't settled on a final look. I was recently at a meeting with my local Textures Fiber Arts group. One of the talented members displayed a beautiful sunflower quilt she made with calligraphy writing. It was stunning and quite classy. From that quilt, I got the idea to have the Obama quilt's name displayed in calligraphy on the quilt, "Every body's all American". With just over one week before it's debut at a inauguration party, the quilt is no where near being finished. It's interesting that I'm not the least bit stress about making my deadline. I guess this means that I'm trusting my intuition more, which is a good thing! I'm also working on another quilted Fantasy Portrait, this one of a Geisha Girl. This is another ink painted face with thread painting. I also stuffed the cheeks for highlight and added a three-dimensional hair bun complete with chop sticks for fun! This Asian Beauty doesn't have a formal name yet; it's not complete, but I'm pleased with the results do far. Take a look see!
Living Creatively, Santeena

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm pregnant! No, not in the literal sense. Heavens no... My dream child, Studio Santeena.Com has finally been conceived. I've snagged the domain name and have already started tinkering with my website design. It's important to me that this site is interesting to prospective customers. It must be attractive, yet functional. To that end, I've decided to take my time with formulating how the final presentation will look; what it will convey to potential customers about Studio Santeena's Quilted Fantasy Photos; precisely what they are; how I can take any face and position it in a vast array of fantasy designs on fabric. I love to recreate faces; especially detail images of eyes. I'm currently working on a Tsukineko ink drawing of a Geisha Girl on fabric which I hope to pair with an exotic Asian pastel background. Hopefully this will be featured soon on the blog. In the meantime, check out my water color interpretation of a bull elephant that was emerging from the bush during November's safari at Mala Mala. I'm still on cloud 9 from that world wind trip! Until next time, Living Creatively, Sandra

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Real Big Cats

Its' New Year's day, welcome 2009! 2008 was a year that many want to forget; to totally purge from their memories due to the many troubles our country and the world endured; weak economy; devaluation of the dollar, etc. I basically feel the same way as others; longing for a time that felt more comfortable. Yes, 2008 was tough; except fir that fact it was a monumental year for me in which I turned 50 years of age; and finally made my pilgrimage to Africa. I loved, loved, loved Africa in particular Capetown, South Africa which was quite sunny because it's their spring season during November. Capetown also sports beautiful scenery in the city and along the Atlantic and Indian coasts. I plan to visit there again some day soon. Safari was exciting. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is something to behold. Because these animals live freely many years on the Mala Mala's private game reserve, they've become used humans creeping around as anxious voyeurs. From our eight passenger Jeep Landrover, we'd crane our necks and focus our cameras or camcorders to get the perfect shot. I'll brag a little and admit that I took some great photos. Here's my watercolor version of a couple of the big cats seen in the bush: The King of the Jungle, the male lion and just below the leopard at night. Other members of the big "5" to follow shortly. Living Creatively, Santeena

"First Kiss"

"First Kiss"

Cheetah Girl

Cheetah Girl
QA Reader Challenge "Inner Animal"

Little Freida

Little Freida
I just love Freida Kahlo!

Madam Butterfly

Madam Butterfly
Inked / Thread painted face with 3D hair bun

"Hello down there!"

"Hello down there!"
Rare find of shrimp like creature in a iceshaft in Anartica

Kiss of a Rose

Kiss of a Rose
Quilt Visions "Fantasy Flowers" Challlenge

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet
Another quilted portrait with 3D organza lillies and leaves

Quilted Denim Jacket

Quilted Denim Jacket
Close up of Shaunna's quilted photo


Cherrywood fabric challenge - Lion King's travelling show

Elephant at Mala Mala Safari Lounge

Elephant at Mala Mala Safari Lounge
Couldn't resist posting this water color work of an elephant on safari

Leopard at night

Leopard at night
Another watercolor


My quilted rendition of the proud Apache leader

Something to think about....

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

Pablo Picasso