Athena versus Medusa

I have two smaller projects that I've began work on: One is a smaller UFO quilt that I started several years ago as part of Jane La Fazio's small quilt class. This project has for us to create an image on a canvas type material and then embellish it with threads, beads, buttons and other found objects. Well as you can see here to the right, I decided to use two images of lucious tomatoes, one red and ripe and another not so ripe that is green. I reversed their backgrounds with water color application of the opposite color. The other project will be a bit more controversial. My hair stylist Michelle has gorgeous big hazel eyes. I thought it would be fun to take her promotional picture, paint it with ink, then deliver two distinct images of Michelle, one good and the other evil and then quilt and embellish with all fun stuff like felt, cording, beads, etc. With Michelle's permission I got to work. To the left is the initial image of Michelle that I've started with, just her face on cloth. The plan is to then to create Michelle in two versions of the mythical goddesses; one as Athena, whose beauty was legendary and the other as Medusa who also beautiful but was terribly jealous of Athena. These two didn't always get along. According to the myth, they had a tremendous fight and Athena turned Medusa into an evil creature with her hair crowned with snakes. The image of Medusa with her mouth wide open with hair as snakes is commonly depicted in works of art and comic books. I can't wait to see the contrast of the two in my quilted fantasy. I plan to feature both on one single quilt with a clever name. Stay tuned! Living creatively, Santeena...


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