I'm back from IQF - Long Beach inspired with many new ideas and materials to incorporate into my two pending art projects. One of the projects with an archeology theme is a quilt for a Quilts on the Wall travelling exhibit. I aptly named this piece "AC-DC" or "Antony and Cleopatra discovered carefully". My challenge is to come up with vertical quilt orientation with an archeology theme. Since the possible unearthing of the burial site of Antony and Cleopatra is currently in the works in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, I thought this would be a perfect time to capitalize on my fascination of Cleopatra by highlighting this event. My plan is to have her sitting on her throne with Antony looking over her shoulder in the Valley of the Kings while real life archaeologist are digging around them in the foreground. At the IQF festival there were many vendors to choose nice little Egyptian trinkets from. I was able to pick up some of these trinkets and also abacus paper and matching cording shown in the attached photo for this 28" x 38" quilt. I want to try to keep the background mono-chromatic in beige's, light browns and sepia colors. I also plan to play with papyrus paper, tea dyed organza and scrim to use in the piece. I'm starting this long overdue project this weekend. I can't wait!

Living Creatively,

Sandra aka Santeena


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