Santeena in the flesh

It's my recollection, that alter-ego Santeena has never been featured as a picture in my blog. As my friends and family know, Santeena the doll was the first art piece that I submitted for publication back in 2005 through Quilting Arts Magazine. Although Santeena didn't make the highlighted section in the Fantasy Guardian Angel article, she was featured in the group photo. This was probably my proudest moment as an artist. At that moment, I knew that my long dormant passion for arts and crafts was then reignited and I was on my way to creating for the rest of my life. Since making this doll for fun back in 2005, I've taken a couple of art doll classes which were really enjoyable. However, it's fiber arts, in particular art quilts that I'm most facinated with. Journal art quilts (8.5" x 11") are quick and fun and my favorite. My creative process begins with visions of color; then an image or subject. I ask myself, what is it going to be? A landscape or portrait? An abstract or something more true to life? Where ever my imagination takes me, It thrilling to me to see how each art piece evolves and it's final completion. Each hobby becomes a passion when the creative mind is unleashed and the artist starts to soar. I believe that I've donned Santeena's wings and have started to soar. I'm really enjoying my craft. Well ta ta for know... Living Creatively, Sandra


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