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Ready or not ~ 2017, here I come!

I really enjoy the holiday time of the year.  Getting a chance to see and celebrate the season with friends and family is always a treat.  However, I'm so ready for the new year! I firmly believe that 2017 with be a year filled with adventure, opportunity and I plan to be right smack there in the middle of all exciting things. 

I've been busy~ Ready or not, here I come! The new year brings glorious news from Studio Santeena including my newly updated website which can still be found at; the focus and re-launch of my Etsy store and a exciting new partnership and showcase for my fiber artwork at  Come January 1st, please do take a peak at those sites for some very interesting portrait and pictorial works as well as an opportunity to buy anyone of my art images on coffee cups, tote bags, phone cases, etc..

As many of you know, my moniker "Santeena" is a name I gave to my alter ego which was a cute little doll I made sometime ago.  The name…

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