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I've been busy......The demand of maintaining a full time business consultant job and part time art career is taxing. On top of juggling both the day and night gigs, I've been slowly working on my new baby, Studio Santeena's website. Using Vista Prints to power, I'm doing the first past on the site's creative piece myself. It's a daunting task and believe me I've learned so much as I worked countless hours tweaking this puppy. My goal is to have the site ready to roll out and market by July 24th, the first day of the IQF at the Long Beach Convention Center. And yes, this girl is on her game. Got the website intro postcards on deck for mailings and business cards handy for handing out. I'm affliated with several fiber art groups. I plan to work both the SAQA and the Quilts on the Wall booths at the conference to catch up with follow artist and do a little networking. REMEMBER, I'm still tweaking; adding more art quilts, etc., but you can get a sneak peak of the work in progress by checking out the site's banner attached and also at the actual site on this posted link or my visiting:


Sandra aka Santeena


lenasdaughter said…
Congratulations, Sandi! I know your new venture will be a huge success!

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