Burning the candle at both ends

Time to slow down for a bit. I'm truly burning the candle at both ends with my very involved daytime career as a business consultant and at night with creating art. I enjoy both, but clearly my passion is with my art heads down. When I'm in my studio, time just seems to fly by as I'm entwined in a potpourri of fabric and thread colors. I did however, gave my sewing machine a rest this weekend as painting on fabric was the name of the game. I'm working on piece for a traveling show with an archaeology theme. I'm calling it "AC-DC' or Antony and Cleopatra Dis Covered! Anyone that knows me already knows about my fascination with the Egyptian Queen. Tony and Cleo's possible burial plot discovery in the north coast of Egypt made the news this past April. Archaeologists are still carefully digging to see if their hunch that this is indeed the famous couple is right. We'll see. I'm taking the night off. I need the rest. Those wonderful paints, fabrics and threads are going to have to wait for another color infusion opportunity. I'm pooped, but
still Living Creatively, Sandra


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