Moving up to the Big Leagues

I'm no different than any other artist. We're constantly looking for new interesting art subjects and then translating those images into works of art for display hopefully in galleries; on our websites, shows, etc. I enjoy every stage of the creative process from first sourcing subject, then painting, piecing, quilting and the finish. Last but certainly not least is the photographing of my pieces. for publication. I've had and enjoyed several very capable point and shoot digital cameras. However, I recently moved up to the big leagues with the purchase of my first Digital SLR camera, a Canon EEOS Rebel 1000D. I'm not sure what the letters and numbers mean on this model; I just know that for a SLR is a good starter camera. I'm elated with this purchase! I plan on taking fabulous scenic shots during daily travels for painting later. Stopping at parks and beaches will probably be a regular thing for me in the next few weeks. Wish me luck with this new aspect to my creative quest!

Living Artfully,


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