The Big Dig for Anthony and Cleopatra

One of the quilt groups that I belong to, "Quilts on the Wall" has a September Challenge - Archaeology, "The Big Dig". Well I've just decided that my theme for this challenge will be "The Big Dig for Anthony and Cleopatra". On April 19, 2009 near the Taposiris Magna temple in Egypt, what is thought to be the burial site for the doomed couple was uncovered among ten noble tombs found near the temple. Dating back to about 30 B.C., Cleopatra and Mark Antony are believed to have committed suicide after being defeated by Roman military leader Octavian in a battle for the Roman Empire. I've always been captivated by Egyptian history, so now is my opportunity to get inspiration from this recent discovery and really come up with something magnificent. I will depict some painted rendition of the dig referencing to the couple and of course it will be thread painted to death. I can't wait to see how this develops! Check out this photo of a caravan of cars driving away from the site taken from one of my favorite magazines National Geographic.

Living Creatively,



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