Guitarist Extraordinaire - Jesse Johnson

YES! I'm on vacation this week and already at play.  I've started two different projects. The first is painting the face of Geronimo on the quilt top and auditioning colors and other embellishments for his garment. I just love this phase of the quilt making process.  It allows me to imagine how the finished artpiece will possibly turn out: i.e will it be dramatic or whimsical? Shall I make it one dimentional or have an object jumping off the quilt for effect? Sometimes I never know until the quilt is almost finished.   The second project will be a journal quilt of my friend Toni's kitty that past away several months ago. I'm gonna call that one "Hey kitty, kitty".  I'm so enjoying this time off to do nothing but read and create. 

Well I finally finished the rock star project.  I decided to name it "Guitarist Extraordinaire - Jesse Johnson".  This fiber piece is a tribute to Jesse and his music.  He's come a long way since since his stint with the R & B Group "The Time".  My friend is his close friend and manager.  We'll be presenting the quilt to him this week.  I hope he likes it. Well, I gotta get back to work.  Living creatively, Santeena  


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