I find inspiration for my work from many different sources. Because musicians are also creative types; making wonderful music to listen to while i'm creating, I often find them to be facinating subjects for my art.  I'm currently working on a piece of R & B master guitarist Jesse Johnson formally of the group "The Time". I'm quite proud of this fiber art piece; especially my interpretation of one of his beautiful guitars; a pink hand painted face embellished with large shelled pearl beads with metallic silver thread guitar strings. It's stunning.  Jesse's new CD "Verbal Penetration" is a smooth blend of fresh, clever tunes coupled with a hint of the funk from his stint with The Time.  Many times when an artist releases a new album/CD, there maybe one or two hits that are fan favorites and the rest of the CD is something forgetable. Not the case with Jesse's Verbal Penetration. I've been singing his praises since the CD dropped (see cover above) on October 27th, encouraging everyone i speak to to buy the entire CD.  You will not be disappointed.  I'll have the privilege of presenting the finished quilt to Jesse when finished.  Before I publish a picture of this work, I want him to see it first.  I can say that I'm very proud of it so far. Living Creatively, Sandra


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