Bad Hair Day into Night

I'm so scattered...I have about five projects going on at one time with deadlines fast approaching on a couple of them. OMG! I vowed that this weekend I would "get it together" and be on track with completing and submitting at least the two due first, however that's not going to happen. Unfortunately, I got an eye infection and had to go to the doctor today to see what the heck is going on with my left eye. The good news is that the doc thinks it's not pink eye as I suspected, but allergy related. Running to take care of this medical issue, took away more time away that I had to planned to work in my studio. As I passed the entry way of my studio door before entering the laundry room and then the garage, I glanced in my creative space and saw those UFO's in various stages of production in the room. One of those UFO's that I'm particularly amused with is a likeness of my hair stylist Michelle as the mythological Medusa. This fiber piece is hilarious to me because of it's irony; my fabulous hair stylist having a bad hair day. Who knew? I've started this portrait of her with strips of fabric and couched ribbons to serve as the snakes as Medusa has in her hair. I'm painting the faces of the snakes to apply hopefully tomorrow. Maybe I can start the quilting also tomorrow. We'll see.

We've all had bad hair days, that sometime morph into the night. When we have those days we quickly make an appointment and run, not walk to our hair dresser. My stylist Michelle is relocating to Atlanta. She's been a true "Miracle Worker" whipping my old tired do into shape on more than one occasion. I will miss Michelle, such a professional who was great at healing my unruly hair. I feel better now; back to work tomorrow morning.

Living Creatively,

Sandra aka Santeena


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