"Now that's a hat!" Interpretations in Black & White

Quilt Visions is one of the wonderful local groups that I belong to. QV has an upcoming small quilt exhibit this winter called Interpretations 2009.  It's unique because each member is required to submit a 12" x 12" black and white piece.  This work must use only black and white colors; gray can also be used.  When I saw the size, I thought cool, although I'm extremely busy,  I can put something together to meet the deadline.  So, I came up with a b/w Drunkard's Path block featuring another portrait piece with an b/w ink painted rendition of women wearing a crazy pillbox sequined hat top with a gray feather and veil.  I call it " Now that's a hat".  I just love, love, love the small quilts size.  It takes me more time to visualize and plan, than to make the actual 12" squared quilt.  Check it out.   Living Creatively, Sandra    


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