Obama Presidential Quilt - A huge hit!

"Every body's all American" made it's debut at an inauguration party on January 24th. It was a huge hit!. I decided to go ahead and display the 24 " x 36" quilt despite it's not quite finished. It's 95% complete. The binding needs final tack down on the rear side and the workmanship needs tweaking, then it's good to go!

As I'm getting out there and displaying my works, I'm learning to accept the praise; of course thanking the observer with a smile. It's interesting how it's easier to accept that your work is viewed as not impressive; i.e. criticism over praise. Constructive criticism can be helpful if not malicious; but taking in and then processing praise from others is the ultimate high! I've attached one of the last panel's of the quilt; one of an Obama's supporter with her heart-shaped Obama glasses whimsically displayed on a fence-rail quilt block. How fun! As always, living creatively, Sandra.


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