I'm back!!!

Hello friends. I'm back!!!! I've been away from blogging for a while.  I had to take an unwanted sabbatical from writing in general.  Not scribbling about my love of art and travel has been particularly excruciating.  You see, life got in the way of doing many of the fun things that I enjoyed doing. I've spent most of the last year working full time as a care giver for my dad who suffers from dementia.  I can't say enough terrible things about this dreaded disease.  It robs it's victims of all recollections of current events; relegating them to a world of long term memories only. I often wonder why this has been his plight. He didn't do anything to deserve this.  However, we can say as a family, that we are still incredibly blessed, as our father Obie had lived 89 years before showing distinct symptoms of dementia.  

I found my way back into the studio this morning at the sewing machine working on a Mandela commissioned quilt.  I'm not a selfie taker, but I took one this morning as a felt truly blessed to be able to sit undisturbed while creating.  My dad was content and safe in the garage tinkering with his things; not wanting to be bothered.  Well that was okay with me.

LIFE?  Good, not perfect; but good.  Things could be so much worse... I know, cuz I've been there.  I wouldn't wish what I've gone through in the last couple years on anyone... But I don't wanna talk about.  Going forward, I only want to chat about art, travel and other beautiful things.  Speaking of beautiful things; today I saw a small leaf bud emerging on a branch of the naked tree in my front yard. Spring is coming.. Thank God!  


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