"Mandiba" is the clan name for my hero Nelson Mandela. Mandiba is also a term of endearment for a man who is held in such high esteem in his native South Africa and all over the world.  My latest work of Mr. Mandela will be premiered at Textures Fiber Arts Exhibit at the Merc in downtown Temecula on October 7th.  I decided to do this fiber arts piece of him because there's already so many photos, drawings and paintings of him and probably very few quilted works with his likeness.  I know, I know, I say this every time I create a new piece that it's my favorite; well this is truly my favorite so far of all my portrait pieces probably because I admire Mandiba so much.  He's a person who throughout his entire life his fought tirelessly for equality for all people. For this and countless other reasons he has been a huge influence for me.   

Anyone who is familiar with my work knows my love of painting diverse portraits.  My new goal is to create a quilt featuring faces of cultures from all parts of the world.  I hope to preview this piece; done as small portrait quilts built into one early next year at my first solo show.  Stay tuned! 


Anonymous said…'s 'Madiba', not Mandiba.
aguirregaray said…
madiba!! ma-di-ba

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