Everybody's All-American

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES..Barack Obama!.. I'm elated with the election of Senator Obama. What a triumph for all Americans and the world. Yes he's "Everybody's All-American". I kept the promised to myself to create a fiber arts piece inspired by our new prez. This wall quilt, which will be approximately 36 " x 24 " will be designed as an American Flag with the stars section featuring Tsukineko ink sketch of the new president. The red and white stripes will feature a photo collage also of the president, his family and the many Americans of all races and creeds who make up the melting pot of our great country. The beauty of photographing your art is that you can see the progression of your work as you go along. In the photo of the ink drawing I just whipped out, you can clearly see that the color value is off. The colors need more blending. This will help with more realistic shadows on his face. I love going back and tweaking my pieces! It's an opportunity to practice the craft more. So back to the drawing board with this drawing. I hope to have the entire piece featured in a preliminary form by the end of this week. I've entitled it "Everybody's All-American" and hope to display it at an inauguration party at the beginning of January. Until then, "Living Creatively" Santeena


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