Election Eve Excitement

I can clearly remember when I was a little girl how excited my sisters and I were each Christmas Eve. I was closest to my sister Deborah who is just three years younger than me. Deb and I shared a room. Each Christmas Eve, we could hardly sleep in anticipation of the toys that Santa Claus was to leave for us because in those weeks just prior to Christmas, we of course were not naughty, but nice. On the eve of the Presidential Election, I feel the same way. I'm so excited. I'm excited for America. I feel confident my candidate of choice will win this election and go on to create wonderful change for this country and all americans. I just learned that my presidential choice Senator Barack Obama has won the first community election; the one held in the Dixville Knotch, New Hampshire community election with collection of 15 votes for Obama, versus 6 votes for John McCain. YEAH, O-B-A-M-A! Remember my creative link to the senator? Yes, I still have the vision of the Obama Fiber Art piece floating around in my mind. I've promised myself that I will start piecing this quilt this weekend. I just need a little reprieve from all this election excitement and then I will get to humming on my Bernina. Godspeed Barack Obama! You are indeed loved!
Living Creatively, Sandra


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