Banner Details - Introducing "Papillon"

I do love Santeena's posted banner which I've proudly named "Papillon". The name is french for butterfly, a subject I used frequently. The pastel drawn face on the quilt is that of my niece Shaya. She reminds me somewhat of a butterfly; young, beautiful and free. For Shaya's hair, I use alpaca hair, needle punched on felt and embellished with beading, fiber stands, and faux flowers. I'm will finish the embellishments hopefully this weekend, refining details (adding real lashes, etc) , then give it a simple quilted background and finally photographing it again for a new and improved banner posting on the blog. I plan to feature this piece in a local showing at the Temecula Library this Fall. There's also the Textures Fiber Arts exhibit at the Merc and the trip to South Africa, all this fall. So many exciting things these to come.... I can't wait!


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