I remember that UFO

In any hobby or interest, one gets bored from time to time, and will suddenly abandon the project they're currently working on to start something new, something fresh. In the fiber arts world we call these abandon projects... "unfinished objects" or UFO's. Today I had the urge to go back and pull a couple ( I have about a dozen UFO's) of these pieces. Some of them I couldn't remember; but one stood out and I also remembered the time first begun and motivation for that piece. Something in my soul told me that it's this quilt's time for finalization. I found myself staring at this journal quilt with new eyes, combined with some new ideas. I used these new ideas on this soon to be "Ex-UFO". I've come to realize that life in general it's a good thing to "put something on the shelf" or make it a UFO for a minute. then later move it along, make process and finally.... COMPLETION!


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