Planning pays off - Visioning Project

Okay, I get it now.  Planning does pays off.  With any goal, there's a starting point; developing plan and steps to carry the goals to the next level.  I've been crazy busy in the last few months and haven't had a chance to work on my Visions Project. This afternoon I told myself come hell or high water (by the way one of my mother's favorite sayings) I would get going on my Visions Page. Well I'm proud to say that I got it finished; goals and all with clear targets for next steps. It's evident that when goals are written down, reviewed and then tweaked with needed changes; the chances of those goals being fulfilled are great. My goals are to have several clear paths for the direction of my work by the end of the project in September 2011. This process of Visioning success in the art world is golden. I'm focused for a change and I think it will stick this time. During the Visions introduction webinar a couple weeks ago, I was able to connect with others that had similar goals. Great ideas were shared during that webinar. The focus is to support each other with suggestions, praise when warranted, etc. I'm enjoying the process. Ready, set and let's go down the road of success. Living Creatively, Sandra


I love this Sandra, its simple and its true, and I find a lot of meaning in that.
Thanks for sharing.
Wendy M.

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