Mother Earth

Next Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day. I try very hard during the year to do my part with being green i.e. being energy efficient; recycling plastics and paper items; carrying cloth grocery bags, etc.  All of these actions of course are a good thing.  

Some may remember my last year's quilt art dedication to Earth Day, "It's not easy being green" a whimsical look at how we all struggle with being green conscious.  I've decided that my tribute for this year's Earth Day would simply be titled "Mother Earth". I'm inspired to do this special fiber art piece with many different found objects and fibers, of course with  the primary hue being green. 

Now, will I walk to work or do a special community sponsored activity highlighting Earth Day? Probably not, but I will continue to keep myself in check with doing those small, but equally important things I currently do to give back to our amazing planet.  Lastly, if you haven't already checked out the National Geographic's "Life" series which is similar to the very popular "Planet Earth", do so. Oprah Winfrey narrates another great series dedicated to the wonders of our planet. Until next time, Living Creatively, Santeena


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