How to make an American Quilt

As usual, I fell asleep with the TV on. Sometime early this morning I woke up, and the movie "How to make an American Quilt" was on. This movie is about several women in Grasse, a small town outside Bakersfield, CA. It details their relationships, both past and present. Each story is cleverly told by each woman through flashback stories. They have intimate conversations about their lifes over the construction of a beautiful group quilt. The women carefully share both past pains and hopes for a promising future. It's a smart movie from the novel of the same name written by Whitney Otto. A New York Times book review said. "It's a tribute to an art form that allowed women self expression even when society did not." I so agree! I just remembered I had the book and hadn't yet read it. What have I been waiting for? I plan to fit it to my incredible busy schedule this week!


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