IQF - West Coast at last!

..been a little while since I've been able to write. Of course, busy with earning a living and designing two new quilt concepts: 1) one for a showing this October for the Textures Fiber Art showing in Old Town Temecula at the Merc "My 50th Year Quilt" 2)another featuring Shaunna my niece as Cleopatra. She's so excited about being featured on a quilt. Since I'm scrambling to get going to the IQF Long Beach show, I'll make this post short to just feature a preliminary set-up of the "50th Year in African Gear"quilt. It will be approximately 24" x 36" with pastel or inked painted drawing of my mug on cloth (I haven't decided yet), beads, raffia, feathers, adrinka symbols and the kitchen sink. Smile, just kidding. Take a look by scrolling down through post....


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