Fun with Elinor Peace Bailey - Art Dolls at IQF

Well, it's 11pm and I'm settling down in my hotel room after an evening class making Small Art Dolls to wear. Elinor Peace Bailey, the instructor for the class is extremely talented and so entertaining. I have to admit, I'm exhausted and need to close my eyes, because I have an early morning lecture to attend regarding, what else? Making art dolls! I so love being in the company of extremely creative people. If you have an open mind, you can glean so many different ideas of how to approach your next project. Already, I've seen some beading techniques this evening that I would like to incorporate in my 50th Year Quilt. Thoughts on construction: Cloth with applique African designs; spice dyed scrim tucked nicely behind; feathered and beaded headdress; and beaded robe dress, metallic quilted background. I'm certain this quilt's composition will be tweaked several times before it's completion. We'll see!


yetunde said…
i love your work.

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