Me vagabond?

It's been several weeks since I've sold my home and downsized into a smaller, yet perfectly sized (2,096 sq ft) home.  This is why I've been away from blogging for the last several weeks. It's so very true that moving is very high on the list of stressful events in life; right up there with the death of a love one, divorce, etc.  Believe me; I thought I would lose my mind in the past few weeks. I personally packed up every room in my home with my studio/creative area being the one with the most stuff - i.e. fabrics and more fabrics, threads, paints, brushes, etc. This is the first time in my life that I've moved in stages. This move is excruciating and it still going on!  One good thing about moving is that you have the opportunity to organize; to take things that are scattered and bring them together based on their common traits or purch them altogether.  It's also a time for lost and found.  I was thrilled to discover a precious stone embellishment for a UFO I have pending; as well as a long lost cord to a desk calculator; yippie!  I want and need to get back to normalcy; which for me is reading books; creating art and planning vacations.  Hopefully the return to my former self and the abanding of this quasi-vagabond life will be sometime in the next couple weeks.  Until then, dreaming of creativity :) Sandra  


lenasdaughter said…
OMG - I didn't know you were moving! Hope all is well! 2000SF is a perfect size home...still in Temcula? You are very blessed to be able to sell in this market. Congratulations, and be blessed!

Great Big Hugs!

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