I belong to three local fiber arts groups. Each month I attend a club meetings of one of these groups to connect with other fiber artists who share the same love as do for Quilting Arts.  At today's Quilts on the Wall meeting, the "Bridge" theme quilts for IQF Long Beach exhibit this coming July were turned in.  Many artist produced wonderful pieces with various interpretations of the bridges theme; some literal and others with more abstract references to the subject.  I submitted my "Closed bridge on the felt" piece for consideration for the exhibit.  This quilt features a male hand in the closed bridge stance on a pool table ready to break a ball set. Holy Moly!  It was lots of fun making this piece. The meeting was quite effective for providing inspiration to me for future art works.  There was one bridge themed quilt submitted which featured a gray and red interpretation of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  It was beautiful.  Another woman made an abstract suspension bridge out of quilted fabric and straps made to the required dimensions of 38"w x 48" l; it was stunning, yet genius in the planning and construction.  I wish I thought of it.  These meetings and the great ideas I take from them are integral in providing out of the box techniques and supply ideas.  Great stuff!  Living Creatively, Sandra  


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