A Time, A Season - A Visual Tribute to Oprah Winfrey

In A Time, A Season - www.blurb.com, Janelle Dowell, Publisher of Black Art in America, spearheads an artistic collaboration applauding the unprecedented accomplishments of one of the most significant individuals in world history, Oprah Winfrey. This book features distinguished artisans from across the country.

I'm so proud that my tribute piece "O" is a part of this art collection. The quilt, featured on page 38 was beautifully photographed by the very talented Sharon Mintry. I remember when I first heard the call for entries of art work inspired by Oprah, I know that I wanted to a part of this project with a portrait of a special portrait of her. Figurative and facial expressions are my speciality and I so love Oprah's eyes. One cover of "O" magazine cleverly captures the media giant being very playful, blowing bubbles. I love that cover shot; can't you tell?



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