Sneak peak at "O"

There are a few real life subjects that inspire me to create a full fiberart quilt. I was recently given the opportunity to submit a general art piece for consideration in a tribute book to the multi-talented media giant Oprah Winfrey. I thought to myself  "Oprah, heck yes, let me jump right on this!"  It's the 25th and final year of Oprah's famous show. Black Artist in America, a wonderful new group that I just joined is hosting this exciting challenge. Of course there will be many submittals in all mediums and I'm proud to lend my fiber art work titled simply "O".  This piece is my quilted rendition of Ruven Afanador's photo of Oprah that I inked and thread painted from head to hands with her blowing bubbles of promise. (Sneak peak it to the right).  Oprah frequently reminds us to "live your best life". Yes girl, I can honestly say that I've been blessed and have had a wonderful life; the best of it in the last few years. During this time my creative spirit has blossom greatly; with the focus on firmly on fiber art. Truly I love the creative process all around, fiber, water color, oils, etc. I'm even thinking of giving photography a serious nod. Indeed, we'll miss Ms. Winfrey's daily show, but her motivating words will continue to inspire. Good Luck to you "O" as you move onto "OWN"  Living creatively, Santeena


Sandra, I just can not wait to see the full piece, the thread painting is so clear, and you picked the right colors and shades too, Well, you know that I have always loved you art pieces, and again this is another special one.
Great job!
lenasdaughter said…
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lenasdaughter said…
Sandi, you are so dang talented!!! I can't wait to see the finished product - what you have here so far is just beautiful!

I deleted my earlier comment because it had two typos.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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