The one that got away

When I was a kid, my sister Deborah and I  played endlessly just like all the other kids in our South Central Los Angeles neighborhood.  Deb and I spent countless hours playing house in the families subdivided garage.  We both took turns having fun playing my dad; with our pretend roles as the husband of the family who came home from work and settled in to tea and cookies at the tiny little table we had at the time. Back in the day, playing house was okay for a minute. But our real "out of this world" fun came  during sweet summer when we made and flew paper kites.   These kits were constructed from regular newspaper, painted and fitted with a string,  a tail and then launch for flight high in the sky.  All kids in our neighborhood participated in kite construction and flying.  We'd often let our kites go while in flight and ran after the string to catch them. We'd busted up laughing as we did this silly act again and again.  Every now and then one of our kites would get away.  While at Dockweiler State Beach, at Playa del Rey, it happened to me.  I stared into the sky with arms raised summoning the kite to return to no avail.  This 14" x 14" quilt is a my homage to those great kite flying times during my childhood.


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