IQF Long Beach - Obama quilters in the house!

Whew!  The IQF Long Beach show has come and gone in a whirlwind!  Had a great time checking out exciting quilt art; the exhibitors and networking with old and new artist friends.  I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with two of the very talented quilt artists whose tribute quilts were also featured in Carolyn Mazloomi's Journey of Hope - Quilt's inspired by President Barack Obama. I've known Cynthia Catlin for a couple years now. Awesome artist.  I also had the pleasure to meet Diana Bracy for the first time this show. She's very talented and a sweet lady.  Here's the three of us together holding the JOHA book. This is a proud moment for me! 

Each time I go to one of these conventions; I get inspired to create a new quilt using new techniques. I saw a beautiful piece of thread painted nude figures that were brilliantly crafted with scrim fabric as a background.  When I saw this of course my creative juices got going. From this piece I'm inspired to create an ink and thread painted portrait with a scrim-woving background.  I simply can't wait to see how this comes out.  Stay tuned!  Until next time, Santeena


Diana said…
Sandra, the pleasure was all mine in meeting both you and Cynthia! I was so excited to meet you in Long Beach. It is a trip that I will always remember.

Maybe we will be able to meet again in Houston!

Continue to create your beautiful art.

Diana Bracy
Wendy Mamattah said…
Sandra, I as scouting around face book and I found your blog site and Oh! its so beautiful!! Love the colors you chose, and then there is more of your amazing art work! some I have seen, and some I have not, so guess what I am loving this!
Anyway,I just wanted you to know, your paintings are breath taking, I think you are a great painter first, so much depth and dimension, and your use of color is so stimulating.
I feel I was a missing piece in that Long beach shot, and I am slowly going to find my spot in it.
Well, I just came by to say Hi.
Wendy Mamattah
joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

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