In a couple weeks, I have the good fortune to attend the IQF show at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Although not as large as the show held this fall in Houston, it's still facinating to go and see how other artists are creating their art; what colors and techniques used, what materials, etc.  At every show of this magnitude there's also vendors present selling their wares; most notably fabric pieces in every color imaginable.  My personal stash is relatively small compared to most fiber artist.  The goal during shopping this year is strategic; to find unique fabrics, maybe some silks that can be used in quilting having vibrant colors. Thread colors are equally exciting. I posted the photo above of hanging fabrics with some interesting textures and awesome colors. When I choose fabrics, I choose their use. Right in the moment of purchase, I choose how each beautiful piece of cloth will evolve into an important part of a fiber art piece to come. I know, I know, it's goofy that I get off on fabric selection. I know that I'm not along here.  I can't wait to see the fabric and thread colors at IQF!   Living Creatively, Sandra   


Diana said…
Hi Sandra! I do plan to meet you in Houston and looking forward to it, but maybe we can meet in Long Beach, first! I plan on attending the IQF, too!

I love your blog and this is my first time visiting! Your art is amazing and your shopping list for supplies sounds scrumptious.

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