Self Promotion - My Portfolio

This weekend, I had a chance to finish the "Geronimo" fiber piece (see below) and tweak  my "It's not easy being Green" quilt.  As I was working on reconfiguring the "green" piece; Geronimo stared me down from his wall space as to say "why did you take so long to finish me?".  I often wonder the same thing.:)  He is stunning. I'm quite proud of this piece.  The Green quilt was altered so that I can place it in my personal portfolio that I'm putting together.  It's a lot of work getting this portfolio thing together; but will be a valuable tool with promoting my art going forward. 

I've always had trouble with self promoting.  To me it's a little like boasting of who you are and what you can do and it's hard. There's a art to self promotion; a way that you can network selling yourself without sounding braggadocio. I like the idea of the portfolio; it's a clever way to show your works to galleries, curators, etc.   I know that I have a unique approach to quilt art and a style that may not be widely accepted. The nice thing is that I do have an audience of supporters who like my work and that's a good thing. Until next time, living creatively...Sandra


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