Being grateful

I'm so grateful; really appreciative for many things. Recently, I was injured slightly in a fall. I made an awkward move while walking and my left foot rolled to the side causing the injury and massive swelling.  The pain was excruciating! In fact, I've been out of commission the last ten days; and not being able to work out. As a result of not being active, the pounds have been creeping up yikes! During the last ten days; I've been confined mostly to my home, probably getting some needed rest. I've had more time to read and also most importantly, more time in my studio creating some artwork; some really good artwork I must say :). The accident was not a good thing of course. However not being able to walk briskly like I normally do caused me to slow way down; and to be still to do a lot of thinking.  I thought mostly about how things have recently changed in my life, some real good things have happened and some not so good things; in fact devastating things that in the moment  felt like I would die from the impact of those experiences; and I didn't! God is good. He's sent his ministering angels to encamp around me during those difficult times.  in the end I can always say that I'm so blessed and quite grateful for so many things - my general health; the encouragement and love of my family and friends and last but not least my ability to escape reality and go into that zone that all artists know so well; a place we magically go in mind to visualize and then create beautiful art.  Making pretty things; using any genre is a true passion of mine. I'm so thankful for this ability to create with abandon.


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