Geronimo Revisited

This memorial weekend was really cool. Three days of hanging out in my studio tinkering with art. Oh yes, there was a little  fiber art schedule planning involved as I'm very blessed with several upcoming exhibits to audition for. I also had time to revisited an old friend, my fiber art piece Geronimo.  This art quilt rendition of the great Apache warrior has "patiently" waited on my drawing board for months as I finished other more timely pieces. I still have several projects in the queue with very little time to work on them since I'm soooo busy with my daytime job.  I'm 85% finished with Geronimo who I plan feature as my entry into the Quilts on the Wall group portfolio submission.  I'm really proud of this painted appliqued portrait of him adorned with a real feathered headdress. He's stunning!  I won't display him just yet until I get clearance from QOTW.  Here's one of the great photos of Geronimo that I used as inspiration for this piece. Living creatively, Sandra aka "Santeena"  


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