Finding Inspiration

I spent most of this past Saturday going through sections of my home getting ready for a garage sale in the next several weeks.  As you probably know, It was such a tedious process meticulously going through stuff trying to decide what to keep, discard or put up for sale.  Somethings are very easy to decide on such as dated clothing, fad exercise equipment/DVDs, etc.  Come on now, will I ever use that ab roller thingamajig again? Not! Deciding what fabrics I should perhaps put up for sale was far more harder to do.  In fact, as I took several pieces out and looked at them closely, I tried very hard to remembered why I bought them in the first place. Truthfully when I bought most of those fabrics, I had no idea what they would eventually be used for. I just liked them at the time of  their purchase.  It's very hard for me to pass over vibrant fabrics. I'm so attracted to them. After all, I'm the true Material out Madonna!  ;). As I pulled them out I got huge inspiration from a couple things; in particular an Egyptian fabric that I hadn't seen in a while and a papyrus sheet I got from Dick Blick's. A papyrus sheet? Who knew?  When I saw these two pieces together, sparks started to charge in my mind.  Suddenly I came up with what maybe a spectacular idea.  I'm calling that idea for the time being "Fabric inspired".  I'll think of a catchy Egyptian name later. You'll have to stay tuned for those developments. This work will be fourth in the queue of pending art pieces for me. Oh well...until next time...Living Creatively, Sandra  


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