Every home should have one

Sunday is Mother's Day.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, to all the mothers, mamas, moms, mommies, step-moms, grandmothers, grannies, Nana's and women who may not be mothers, but are role models for young ones.  Today I thought alot about my own mother who has passed on.  My mother, Gertha or "Miss Gert" to most was a wonderful role model.  My mama was mother to seven kids! Who has that many kids anymore aside from the octomom! :). She was a tough but loving and always encouraged my sisters, my brother and I to dream big, but also to work hard.  She insisted that success without sweat didn't exist.  Yes, Miss Gert was there for us, a mainstay something every home should have. When we were all grown up and independent; she flew the coop several times traveling  to places all over the world, taking in sights.  Is from my mom that I got that same sense to travel and see the world; view different cultures; people watch and taste varied cuisines. From those travel experiences, my sense of colors and textures in art has expanded. This blog entry is dedicated to my mom with love always - Santeena.


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