Running with scissors!

Okay, Okay... I didn't get around to completing my Mother Earth quilt before Earth day this past Thursday.  To quote Joy Behar of The View: "Who cares?". Yes Sandra, who really cares?  I've finally come to the conclusion that there's only 24 hours in a day and I can only make so many things happen in that window of time.  I'm been my own worst enemy with over committing myself.  I do like staying busy with work, creating art and spending time with family and friends. I can still do those things; I just need to continue to remind myself to s-l-o-w down; take a breath; enjoy the scenery and stop running with scissors all the dang time! This weekend, I will complete Mother Earth and possibly another collaborative effort with master quilter Muna Elias. I'll paint the portrait "Bella" and Muna will unleash her magical thread painting talent.  Okay, now let's review: The order of the weekend is quilting, painting and oh yes, sipping tea.....What joy!  Scissors will be involved, but I won't be running with them :). Living creatively, Sandra


Lynne Brotman said…
I love your faces and the fabric you use. Can I say that again? I love the faces and fabric you use. I just bought fabric from Mali, and the colors are glorious. Haven't used them yet - still pondering the theme. I think I'm going to do a 'tessallation quilt" since I discovered this wonderful book on the subject. Most of my quilts are subdued, so I want to use colors. Check out my site at
Thanks, Lynne

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