Talking Shop

It's always great to talk shop with another artist.  This weekend I had interesting lunch with a friend of mine and discussed everything artistic. Literally from A to Z, we chatted about how quickly acrylic paint dries (that bugs us) to the new Zentangle trend which we both adore. His primary focus is photography and mine's of course is fiber arts.

Although we both dibble and dabble in all forms of creative expression from time to time, we agreed that we must remain true to what moves us most and take that to a new level. Perfecting our respective crafts was the call to action.  His photography is fantastic; mostly wide views of landscapes and nature.  We vowed to collaborate someday on an art quilt piece of his photography.  Can't wait to take one of his rich photos and recreate it with either ink or acrylic paint on muslin, then thread stitch it for effect.  Stay tuned, our project might just happen sooner than later.  Living Creatively, Sandra   


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