Feather Series

As I'm exploring what makes me tick as a artist, I see that there's a trend toward creating fiber art that's clever, bright and has a little something extra.  Admittedly, I do go overboard at times with "a little something".  It's all in fun.  I just found a new inspiration for a quilt series from an experience I had while travelling in South Africa.  While at the Canga Wildlife Ranch, I was charmed by a peacock that keep strutting bye as I was at a gift shop booth. He was begging for me to notice him,  no different from his human male counterparts :).   When I mentioned about the bird going back and forth to the gift shop clerk, she said to me " Oh he's always just showing off". I thought this was so funny.  So in a tribute to this strutting peacock, I will used beautiful cock feathers as a focal point in the first quilt of a feather quilt series.  I'm interested to see what I come up with.  Living Creatively, Sandra 


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