Ultimate vacation over..Back to work!

I've been home several weeks now from the vacation of my lifetime......The South African Cape Town Visit and Safari at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve. It's been a little hard unwinding and getting back into the swing of things from the time away. Since arriving back to work almost two weeks ago, I've been quite busy including two business trips out of town. Eeek! Sadly, I've past my studio several times this weekend and peaked in.... I need to get back to my craft table...pronto! Undoubtedly, my travels have provided great inspiration for future project. During safari, I witness so many magnificent things. Someone asked of me "What was the most incredible thing you saw?" There were many things that compete for the most incredible; but I think the most unusual was witnessing the determination of the dung beetle pushing his neatly rolled pile of elephant"s**t" back to his shared nest for his mate to lay eggs. So funny was how he tried so hard to roll this big thing up a hill and it rolled back over him. I died laughing. Yet his determination was incredible at the same time. Equally fascinating was watching lioness and their cubs devour a huge Cape Buffalo. I've attached a picture of this phenomena. The "Circle of Life", survival of the fittest, that's what it's all about in the Africa bush. My next water color subjects, which I'm hoping to complete by this weekend, will be of the big "5"; the lion, the camp buffalo, the leopard, elephant and rhino. I was able to see them all; up close and very personal. It was awesome and inspiring trip.. Living Creatively, Santeena


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