Indaba - Conference (it means 'an item of news' in Zulu)

Indaba! Certainly an item of good news. 48 hours before my flight leaves from LAX to London, and then on to South Africa. Wow, I can't believe this exciting time had finally arrived. Those who know me, are well aware of my gibber jabber about this trip. Africa with all it's majestic and wonder is a place that I will finally behold in the next few days. I've packed my water color travel kit with the intent to capture some magical moments of nature. Great if I do, but also okay if I don't. I plan to live in moment during this memorable time, relax and count my blessings. The last leg of my journey has me staying at the Mala Mala Main Camp Reserve near the Sabi Sands river in Kruger National Park. Featured are a little flavor of what Mala Mala Main Camp has to offer; excellent game viewing and wonderful accommodations. I'll be taking a break away from blogging while in paradise. I'm certain however, that my creative spirit will be alive and well. I'll capture Africa's beauty through photography and sketches or maybe not! What I do know is that I this time will be very special...and Thank God, as always for my blessings... Living Creatively, Santeena


I can hardly wait to see your photos and paintings!

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