What I know for sure...

Was in the San Francisco this past weekend for the "O" You Conference at the Moscone Center. The Bay Area weather was just perfect!. Got a chance to met with while I was there a couple of fabulous quilters who just happen to be friends; Jeanette from Powder Springs, Georgia and Ann from Terra Verde, Florida. I met these two wonderful chicks during a couple of travels to Negril, Jamaica for Quilting Retreats hosted my my first and favorite quilting teacher Lisa Sheppard Stewart. It's great to be able to catch up with others who have the same love for fabric and quilt design. These ladies are truly very talented! Speaking of talented, although not expected, we were blessed with the presence of Oprah Winfrey. I got this quick shot of her as she graced the main stage. Oprah's best friend Gayle King alluded that Ms. Winfrey may make an appearance at the end of the day and she certainly did! The conference overall was much like many very well put together business conferences I've been to in the past. Great speakers (love, love loved Suzie Orman - she inspired and scared me at the same time!) were right on with the messages they delivered. Beautiful women, young, older, white, black, straight and gay - Yes, all women were all represented in attendance which I thought was just great. What I know for sure it that all people, but especially we as women basically want the same things: We want health and security for our families; we want equal opportunity in the work place; we want to be cherished by those we love; last, but not least, we want some time away to renew. I certainly got my time to renew this weekend...for that I'm grateful.. As always, Living creatively, Sandra


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