It was definitely time to tweak

This past weekend, I was consumed with working on the two quilts I have in the upcoming local exhibits. The "Green" quilt is coming along nicely. A friend of mine Della previewed both quilts. She's put in first dibs on this quilt that I aptly named " It's not easy being Green" . However, I'm having some issues with pulling together the overall look for My 50th Year piece. After I fully quilted the dark background for this piece, I decided I didn't like it and without hesitation quickly cut the quilted dress body away from the background....How traumatic! All that time I put into trying to carefully quilt (and I'm the worse quilter) between the patterned design of the background fabric only to cut it away. It be's that way sometime! I've attached a new lighter zebra print background, with a golden dupioni silk inside and various animal print outside borders. See just to the upper right. Much better.. Now check out the new overall look of the quilt below.. The light field spaces on the zebra fabric will allow me to put the Adrinka symbol meanings in a readable space. It's hard to make changes. But I've learned over the years, to keep an open mind with design process. Change is good, especially as we try to recreate something or ourselves, patience is a virtue.


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