Time earmarked to quilt..

With any passion you have, there are millions of thoughts about how you envision that thing will manifest...This of course, is especially true for artist. We all have this love for creating something beautiful with our hands, then displaying each work as if it's our very first work; much like we did as children with our fingerpaint creations in kindergarten.

As a new fiber artist, I've surrounded myself with like minded people who have the same passion about creating with cloth and fibers. I was with a group of art quilters this past weekend. We spoke of our works as if they are our offspring! It's actually quite entertaining! Quilting has so many facets to it. There's of course, beautiful traditional quilts with very precise lines and angles; that tend to be more functional i.e. used as bed covers. Then there's my favorite, the art quilts which really have no rules except that the piece must have the three layers and we proudly display then on walls for all to see! I can spend the rest of my days planning, purchasing fabrics and knick knacks for the project and then creating to my hearts content.

I'm business consultant (my day job). It's how I earn a living. Being an artist is my part-time (night job)....is my fabulous escape into a world of color, texture and form. I gleefully mix all these things neatly into something fun to look at. My challenge has been to find the time to quilt several times a week. I've decided that I will earmark at least one hour each day to right down and then at least sketch thoughts of my proposed art pieces. Planning this way will always keep the creative piece for me fresh. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes in coming days. Check out my new art quilts just posted to the blog below. Please let me know your thoughts.. Sandra


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