Here we go..!

Here we go! In my wildest dreams I would never imagine starting a blog. The whole concept of keeping an on-line journal seemed so foreign to me. I do believe keeping some sort of record of thoughts, ideas and such in general is a good thing. Even though we’re not aware of it, we all journal activities or make lists of “to do” or “done” items perhaps on a daily basis. The thing that’s wildly different and captivating about web logging is that people like me have a new format; a space that can be gussied up to feature our thoughts to totally bore and/or entertain our friends and family about what’s going on in our heads. Well, since I signed up for this space, decorated and aptly named it after my alter-ego “Santeena” I’m going to have at it! Santeena is musing…. She’s got some interesting thoughts mostly about her loves; for art, for travel and relationships in her life she is so blessed to have.

Many of you already know that Santeena is a doll a created for a reader’s challenge in Quilting Arts Magazine (please see art slide show for a view of Santeena). Her moniker is a combination of my name, Sandra and one of my idols, Tina Turner. Everyone knows that Ms. Tina has gams to die for. Her legs are legendary no doubt. But more importantly for me, Ms. Turner is a symbol of someone who successfully reinvented themselves from being famous as a lead member of the Ike and Tina Turner revue, to Tina Turner solo act and mega stardom at 45 years old. Tina is now 68 years old and going on a world tour! Who knew?

Okay, you’re saying what does this have to do with you Sandra? You don’t have the same gams as Tina and you certainly can’t sing? Tina and I were at the same point in mid-life when we acknowledge to ourselves we needed to step out on a limb and take the talent we did have to the next level…. Hence Studio Santeena; an outlet to unleash this creative energy of mine through art (journal quilts, paintings, writings,etc). Through Santeena’s Musing, I invite you to come along and share with me as I explore my passions for art and the likes. I promise a couple things; to always be transparent and never to be dull. C-ya soon, in the meantime do check out my slide shows of Santeena’s happenings.. Sandra


Hey Sandi -

Congrats on your beautiful blog! Your work is absolutely stunning and I'm proud to have been a part of it! Love your slide shows. keep up the wonderful work...hope to see you in Atlanta in April '09? I'm trying to finalize arrangements with Myla's guild now.
Be well & keep creating ; )

here is Carol Marines site for the painting a day.
I love your blog.
Andrea said…
Hey Sandra, I was nice to meet you last Sunday in Jane's class. It was very interesting to see how she teaches. I hope to do some teaching real soon too.
I loved all your artwork! Your kind of like me. We both paint, construct and quilt. It's the only way to go!!!!


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